Monday, September 17, 2007


So, I knew from advertisements during the Emmy's last night that I was going to be in for one hell of a ride when it came to Prison Break's premiere. Until 7 minutes ago, I had no idea it was possible to be stressed out because of a t.v. show.

Okay, I have to be honest and say that I'd already seen the first 17 minutes, but even so, I was still on the edge of my seat.

I'm not sure how my heart is going to fare this season. As soon as I saw the fighting, and Michael standing back in the crowd, I knew what was going to happen. There is no way Michael is getting out of Sona unscathed. All I could think of though was that it was all kind of like UFC, but with a more deadly ending.

If Sona is the 'worst of the worst', why are people like Michael, Mahone, and Bellick there? I can understand T-Bag, but the rest of them? Someone wants them there, but for what, I'm not sure yet. And Oh, Bellick. I'm not sure this is the best place for your smart mouth.

Linc is trying to make deals to get Michael out, but I have a feeling that he had no idea what he was getting them both into, but more on that later.

So, Mahone is strung out. And he's trying to make a deal with Michael but not because he needs an ally - because he knows that once he's out, Michael will be called to testify. So it's all a case of 'I need you, so just don't die.'

So this woman all dressed like a nun. Linc is watching her and thinking - 'I don't care what kind of nun you are. You wouldn't willingly walk int Sona'. So I'm pretty sure he wondered about the woman, but didn't know what was up.

Random note. Michael's tears :( And, lol what better music to play in a hell like Sona than 'Mony Mony'.

Nun = Whore.

Okay, this huge, for lack of a better adjective, black dude, seems to be in charge of everything. How does one get a flat screen t.v. and yoga in a place like Sona? It will be interesting to know what he does. And does he have a name yet, so I can stop calling him 'huge black dude'? He obviously knows a ton of information and knew that Michael would be incarcerated in Sona. So what does he want? And all I have to say about that scene is - Michael needs to stop worrying about being such a saint. It's obviously kill or be killed here. Just, please stay in a dark corner, Michael.

That guy outside of the prison wants to help Michael escape. What does 'skill set' mean?

I think that the fight was set up - obviously because we know the drugs weren't Michael's, but I think it was set up in the sense that it was a test for Michael. For what, I don't know. That remains to be seen.

I know that we all thought the same thing for a moment when Linc was told that Sara was in the morgue. I mean, I knew SWC wasn't coming back, but I never would have thought they would just kill her off like that. And they didn't. How glad am I for that? So if she ever changes her mind and the writers aren't too pissed at her, she can/could come back.

Reality has sunk in for Michael now that Bellick's hungry friend has been shot down trying to escape. Running is futile. You will be killed. Please don't try it.

The chicken foot obviously symbolizes the fact that someone wants to beat your ass. That's creepy.

This guy down in the pit of Sona - Whistler? What did he give to Bellick to eat? Please don't tell me that was human flesh. Please.

Apparently, T-Bag is going to try and kiss enough ass to stay safe and not have to fight. You're a good man, Teddy.

My heart pretty much stopped when I realized that Michael was going to have to fight to the death. Because I forgot for a long moment that Michael is good at taking care of himself. (Usually) And when he actually took Mahone's advice, I knew that there wouldn't be much of a beating on his part. There could have been a shanking, and I would have screamed at my t.v. But no, Mahone saved the day out of greed for his own life.

Now who the hell was that woman at the bar? Why is she involved in this and why in the world would LJ and Sara be involved in the plan to break Whistler out? Why is he important?

What does 1989 Versailles v. Madrid mean? Soccer? Is that a clue?

And this is the set-up for the rest of the season: Get Whistler out of jail or Sara and LJ die.

NEXT WEEK: T-Bag is a douche. And oh yeah, where is Maricruz?

The end. Next up: Commentary for Back to You.

The Heroes finale is on!

I can't get over Molly Walker:

Cause when I think about him, he can see me.

Is that the set up for - NEXT MONDAY!!!??

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