Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hereos recap - Spoilers

We start in where we left off, only not exactly. HRG is still staring at the painting of himself, dead, while Claire macks on who we can only assume is West. As we stare at the opening shot, I can't help but think that the Bennet's are making some nice bank. I mean that house, nice cars, Claire's need for trendy Hollister clothing. Did HRG have a secret stash in the Caymans or something? Anyway, moving on. HRG wants to know about Claire and how she's adjusting, or if maybe she's met a boy. Claire comes downstairs and she starts getting the third degree from both of her parents. Which she needs, if that top is something we can all go by. Good lord, Hooters. Cover them bad boys up. I keep getting off on tangents. I mean, we're like 45 seconds in and look how long this already is. This is going to be a long night, I can already tell. You know that with all the pausing and typing this takes like, a hundred hours right? Okay, ANYWAY, HRG is clearly forbidding cheerleading from ever happening in her life again, even though he says he's not. He clearly wants to meet all the boys Claire plans on frenching. So she lies and says there is no boy. Smart.

Molly is having another one of her fucked up dreams. Matt runs in, and then Mohinder. They walk to the doorway and stage whisper, like she shouldn't be able to hear them from where they are. M&M are bickering like an old married couple. Mohinder starts singing some weird Indian song to Molly, and Matt watches, hating that he's not a better dad. Or something.

Nathan, with his full on beard, goes all 'To Catch a Predator' and talks to his kids outside of the gate to their school. He tells the boys to have their mother call Grandma Petrelli since she's in the hospital. The teacher comes up and bitches Nathan out; he promises to come home soon, and then he leaves, looking pretty dejected.

God. These damn Wonder Twins. Apparently the American that they escaped from jail with is from Jersey. Maya speaks English now. Hello, plot line device. They almost run over a man, who turns out to be Sylar, all cut up and gasping that he needs help. Oh good. Maybe he'll kill The Banditos. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Over in Louisiana, Micah's boy cousin is a DICK. He throws water on Micah's face and tells him to wake up, and talks in that pseudo gangster talk that my teenage brother is so fond of. Uhura tells him to watch his fucking mouth. "Nana, I need 65 dollars!" "That's funny, so do I." lol. Micah's girl cousin is decidedly a lot prettier, and nicer, and looks like a really young Janet Jackson. Like, really young. She wants to know if she looks like she's in charge. Micah says yes. She asks why she needs to look like someone who's in charge, and her brother responds, "Because someone died and left you that way?" lol. Actually, she's going for management at the place where she flips burgers. There are some mild references to Hurricane Katrina, while on the t.v. in the background, a woman slices a tomato into a rose. Which is brought up and shown in such a painful way, that you know it's going to be a plot device later. Boy cousin is pissed off that no one will pay 65 dollars for him to watch wrestling on pay per
view, and when no one is listening, Micah insists that he might have a way for them to watch the wrestling. You think?

In New York, Grandma Petrelli is confessing to killing George Takei from a hospital bed. She says the police have the fingerprints proving that she was on the Rooftop of Doom, and she killed him for sex and money. Matt tries to read her mind and is cock blocked. She psychically (or whatever) tells him to let it go, because if the police keep digging, they are going to find out about everything; all the super powers and such.

In high school, Claire is getting swayed by the cheerleaders to try out because she has guts or something. West comes up and they start walking and he gushes about how great it is that he can be himself around Claire. She tells him that she's not sure they should hang out. She likes him, but her parents are so over protective that it won't work. West wants to talk to HRG and prove he's a stand up guy, but Claire begs him not to make this all harder on her than it already is. West asks her out anyway and says that after that, she can call it all off if she wants. Claire proves that she's easy by agreeing.

Nathan gets to the hospital and is pissed off because his mother's getting questioned without a lawyer present. Matt assures Nathan that he knows Grandma Petrelli is innocent. He tells Nathan that he read her mind, and oh! Nathan has shaved off all the Survivor Man facial hair! Thank God. Anyway, Matt says that he's not shutting down the investigation because of Molly. Because she's so scared about whatever it is she sees and because she keeps drawing the symbol that marked George Takei and Grandma Petrelli for death. (Random note: What happened to Nathan's career in politics? I mean, obviously it went away because of the whole exploding thing, but did that career die with Linderman?) Nathan agrees to help Matt, but only if he can have five minutes alone with his mother. Matt agrees, and Nathan grills her, wanting to know why she would confess to a crime that she didn't commit. She calls him out on the day he told her she didn't deserve to live, and Nathan tries the old "BUT I WAS DRUNK!" argument. "Just because you shaved doesn't mean you're clean and sober." Ha. She wants him to join A.A. before he does anything for her. And she doesn't want to lose her only remaining son, so she just tells him to focus on family and getting clean and sober. The police arrest Grandma Petrelli, and wheel her out of the hospital.

I just accidentally fast forwarded through like, all of the Wonder Twins part. Oh well. We'll start from here because I'm pretty damn sure we didn't miss anything. Maya is showing Sylar the book by Papa Surish, and Sylar says that the two of them are friends, so he can take the twins right to Surish. He leaves out the fact that the old man is dead. Maya asks Sylar's name, and he responds with his real name; Gabriel. Maya gets all hopeful looking and says dreamily: "Like the Angel." Yeah. Like the ANGEL OF DEATH.

In New Orleans, Monica who is the girl cousin, is singing 'I Will Survive', and she's decently good, so I think that at some point this season she'll be going on American Idol or something. Anyway, she's cutting tomatoes and suddenly, the one she's cutting is in the form of a rose. She has no idea how she learned how to do it. Monica wants to make a management position because she needs to support her Grandma Uhura and get them the hell out of New Orleans. More Hurricane Katrina references are made before we cut to the manager wanting to talk to Monica. He says that she's just not management material because she isn't available to work anywhere in the state. She cries that she's the breadwinner of her house and that she needs more money, but the manager is a dick and tells her to be glad she even has a job in the city, because there are a lot of people who don't.

At the Bennet's house, Claire is spinning lies again so that she can go see West. She tells her family that she has to do research at the library ON libraries and how they are becoming obsolete for our generation because of the internet. Hot damn. Where was this girl when I was trying to come up with lies to sneak out of my house? She's good. Anyway, her dad glowers at her, trying to decide if he can trust her. He believes it, and asks her if she needs a ride, but she says she'll hoof it. Which really means she's going to meet West and he'll fly her somewhere. HRG follows after her, only he misses West taking off into the sky with Claire in his arms. Oh well. Let the lies continue!

At what I can only assume is Nathan's new apartment, or maybe his mother's, I don't know, he's looking for a group photo. He reveals that his parents were friends of George Takei, but that his father wasn't too fond of the man. Apparently, one night, Nathan witnessed his mother and George Takei hugging for just a liiiiittle too long. Matt decides to get personal, only Nathan shuts off when Matt starts asking about his kids. This makes Matt open up in an attempt to get Nathan to like him or something. "My wife cheated on me. Which I could have forgiven, only, she was pregnant with his baby." Ouch. Finally, Nathan finds the picture this whole scene was shot for. The picture shows (from left to right): Linderman, Mr. Petrelli, Grandma Petrelli, George Takei, King Midas, Charles Devoux, and Matt's dad. There are more people, but they aren't relevant right now. (No, Uhura is not in the picture.) Nathan astutely proclaims that 'It's like someone's picking them off, one by one'. Ya think? Four out of the five people we know of in that picture are dead.

We get flashbacks to footage from Hurricane Katrina via Monica. She's pissed off because she's basically been told that she'll be flipping burgers for the rest of her life. Her BFF tells her that she lost more than most in the storm (really? She seems to have more than most to me.) Monica says that she feels like she's different and the real her is waiting to come out. Just you wait.

West and Claire are sitting on top of the Hollywood sign and Claire goes into the story of how she used to jump off of that tower back in Texas to see how she could heal. I am sensing another really cheesy moment coming up. God. I'll try and get through it for you guys. West asks why her family ran away from Texas, and Claire says that she can't talk about it. West is creepily saying that they're alone, so she must want to trust him. He tells her to jump off the Hollywood sign. Really? Claire's only response to this is that when she splats it's 'not cute'. West says that he can't help her if she doesn't trust him. Help her with what, getting her bra off? Whatever. Claire goes to jump off the sign, and that weird ominous music plays while we stare at West for a second. He swoops down and catches Claire before she splats, and he says 'I know you can heal, Claire. But I never want to see you hurt'. Is this more creepy than sweet to anyone but me? They kiss while he's hovering in the air and it's sappy/gag worthy/creepy all at the same time.

Micah is trying to get the free pay per few by pretending like he's working on the cable wires while secretly using his powers. Of course, Micah unscrambles the channel, and boy cousin automatically thinks that Micah is A+. Monica comes home and can't stay mad at Micah for getting the pay per view when both she and Uhura said no. Monica sits down and is obviously bummed about her day. Her and Micah hug, and it seems like Micah is really bonding with her. He puts his hand on her back like he's trying to fix her, only he can't. It's a little sad. "I wish I could fix your dreams for you." Aww. Monica looks at the t.v. and watches the wrestlers for a minute. One of them swings around a rope and kicks another person, and we see the image replayed in Monica's eyeball.

Back at the house of M&M, Matt wants Molly to help find his father. Apparently, Matt's dad bailed when Matt was 13 and he never saw him again. His dad stole a lot of money from a lot of people, but now Matt needs to talk to him because he might be in danger, like, getting killed off danger. Matt shows Molly the group picture and points out his dad. (Go back to season one and start again if you didn't predict this next part.) Molly freaks out, her eyes reflect the Kensei/double helix/'S' symbol thing, and she starts screaming to get the picture away from her, and when prodded, she proclaims that Matt's dad is the Boogeyman. Who's name has now changed to Nightmare Man.

Nathan is looking through some old pictures of him and Peter, and then looks up in a mirror. He sees his nasty ugly burnt up, Two Face self in the mirror and gets so mad that he punches it out. End random scene.

West takes Claire home and she freaks about the time because her dad is going to kill her. West tells her to lie to her dad about something else that he was forbidding so that she can get out of the house consistently. Because you can only go to the library so many times a week. West is a bad influence if you ask me.

The Wonder Twins aren't dead yet, and the American sees a newspaper of them with the headline 'HOMICIDO'. The American freaks and tells Sylar who suggests that the police be called. Instead of distracting the twins while dumb American calls the police, Sylar kills him, jacks the car, and tells the twins that he knows the truth about them. Maya goes all black ooze crazy, and Alejandro has to get her to calm down, thus revealing their power. God, this story line is so stupid. I hate it. I hope that Sylar kills them soon, but it sounds more like he sympathizes with the killing people and not meaning to do it. Whatever.

Claire goes inside and tells her dad that there's no boy. Instead, she says that she forged his name on some cheerleading permission slips and now she's on the cheer team. She went out to celebrate her spot on the team. She makes this big speech about how much she needs something normal in her life, and HRG tells her that she can cheerlead as long as she doesn't date. The hell? Why does it matter if she cheers? I mean, I understand that she could break something, but for God's sake. It's cheerleading, not shop class where she could really fuck something up. Anyway, what is she going to do when football season starts and she doesn't have a uniform? And she's not cheering at the games when her parents go to see her? Way to think that one through. HRG goes outside and our old friend the Haitian is there. He says that they have to go to Odessa, Ukraine to get the rest of the paintings. More lies to come.

Molly is in bed, and Matt tells Mohinder that Molly has to find his father, because a lot of people are dying, and...whatever, sorry, I spaced out thinking about Claire's family and their web of lies. Anyway, Molly wakes up and says that she'll help Matt find his father.

Monica is at the burger place and she goes to lock the front door when a guy busts in to rob the place, wanting everything out of the register. Suddenly, while the guy is grabbing the cash, Monica jumps up, swings around, and kicks him in the chest, just like she saw on t.v. earlier. So let's recount. She sliced a tomato into a rose just like she saw on t.v. She kicked a guy through a plate glass window, just like she saw on t.v. Getting it yet?

Now, back to M&M's house, Molly is trying to find Matt's dad. She pinpoints him to Philly, then to an apartment building. She doesn't want to keep going, but she tracks him to the third floor. The Nightmare Man knows that she's coming, but she manages to get that he's in apartment number nine. She starts screaming for the Nightmare Man to leave her alone and she goes spastic before passing out. She's in shock, in a coma, or some shit, and she won't wake up. Matt reads her thoughts, and she's screaming: "Matt! Help me! Matt!"

Next week: Kristen Bell makes her return to t.v. Awesome.

So, your thoughts on this ep?

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Heroes - Spoilers

I still don't understand why Peter is in Ireland. I mean, he obviously knows that he has these powers, so why not just get the hell out of there? I guess then we wouldn't have a story line, would we? So, we start out with the Dublin Gang telling Peter exactly what he has to do to get his life back. And one very random black Irish dude clarifies for us that Football in Ireland means soccer just in case the audience is retarded. But I digress. The plan is to rob an armored car after the game, while it's stocked with cash. Peter of course reads one of the Dublin Gang's brains or whatever and finds out that he's planning on just taking the money for himself and killing everyone else. Of course, when Peter calls him out on it, he gets roughed up because when it comes to money, and robbing armored cars, no one ever gets greedy! This gang is a family! They would never betray each other! Seriously, the Irish need to watch more Quentin Tarintino movies, apparently.

This sentence almost started with 'I still don't understand', but then I realized that would be repetitive, so instead I'll just say 'why are the Wonder Twins still around?' I like them least of all, because she's always freaked out and crying and he just breaths really heavy and reverses whatever it is she has oozing out of her eyes. And they really don't look like twins. At all. Where in the world are they running from anyway if they're trying to get to the border? In a really brilliant move, Alejandro tries to steal a car in broad daylight. Come on, does that black ooze kill brain cells too? Ugh. Yeah, I really don't like them. Of course, he gets caught by the policia.

Finally, something I like! Nikki and Micah. It's been so painfully obvious throughout the whole hiatus that D.L. is dead, even though I loved him. That's what happens to all the characters I like. His headstone is really quite touching: 'Daniel Lawrence Hawkins: 1974-2007. Husband, Father, Hero. Awww.

Oh a beach! And a scantily clad woman with a drink. Why hello Sylar. Scantily clad woman informs Sylar that they're in Maui, but it's obvious from the way the stock shots are being filmed that it's all an elaborate backdrop set-up. Scantily clad woman is Michelle - who used to go by Candice. Whoops, there you go. She dragged Sylar out of Kirby Plaza (unnoticed? Really? Brown haired Candice dragging a 6 foot something bleeding man through New York didn't get noticed? Maybe she made him look like a stack of pizzas or something; I don't know.) Anyway, she tells him not to move or he'll rip his stitches, and when Sylar looks down, he sees no marks. The jig is up for Michelle. She lets the hallucination fade away, and of course Sylar tries to move, which Michelle just told him not to do because of the inscrutable pain. He screams, and Michelle smirks. It should also be noted that Sylar stared at Michelle's chest for the entire Maui scene.

P.S.: Before I continue I am seeing a commercial right now for E.R. What the hell happened to that show? Is it even about doctors anymore?

Enter Claire. She's reading Papa Surish's book, and her dad lets her know that it's okay to ask questions. She can talk to him and if there's anything she ever wants to ask him as long as they're at home, she can. Of course, she asks what would happen if someone ever found out about her, say, because she cut off her toe while someone was hovering outside her window. Mr. Bennet says it really wouldn't be good and that they'd have to go deeper into hiding. Claire looks really jazzed about this fact. Also, what teenager do you know that actually lays in bed and reads before school? It was always a mad dash to the door for me, five minutes before school was going to start. At school, Claire tells West that she was giving herself a pedicure, and he's all 'negative, you horrible liar'. He knows that she cut off her toe, and she counters that it's pretty creepy that he's watching her outside of her house. Touche. He keeps arguing that you cut off your freaking toe and it grew back!, but she's not having any
of that, so she stalks off to class. "Don't do your nails on the way!" Hah.

Over in Brooklyn, Matt wakes up from a dead sleep and stalks to the kitchen with a gun. He pulls it on Mohinder who sounded a lot like a burglar, and they have some blah blah conversation about how now he'll be home so that he can be with Molly, and that he's never leaving again. It's so very much 'My Two Dads', especially when Molly runs in and shrieks that now they can be a real family! Bring on the slash, folks. Because that is apparently, all this fandom is good at.

Ando is back in Japan, playing games on a computer before getting verbally ripped a new one for playing games on company time. He busts out Hiro's sword. (he's keeping it at the office for nostalgia's sake?) On the butt of the sword is a message that says 'Ando, open'. When he does, some tiny little scrolls pour out. And that's supposed to be our segue into a scene in feudal Japan. Just in case you haven't been watching, we get a recap up to Kensei getting shot with the arrows and healing via the scrolls Ando reads.

Kensei is really freaked out about healing, all the while Hiro is trying to tell him that this is how he's a hero, and how he saves Japan. Kenesi just thinks that he's been cursed by Hiro, and calls him a devil. What? Whatever. I hate this story line. Can we please just get Hiro back to New York?

In Ireland, Peter thinks that he's in the cast of Captain Planet, and can call on his powers. "Lightening! Sparks! Lightening!" A pretty hilarious scene, if you missed it. He's still shirtless, and I'm pretty sure he has been for a while now. The Irish Woman walks in and wants to know how his powers work, and really, so would Peter. Oh good, he put a shirt on. I'm tired of seeing male-nipples. There's an exchange about how Irish Woman is really excited about seeing what's inside Peter's box, and that he can trust her because 'a girl's gotta have her secrets'. Whatever.

One half of the Wonder Twins is in jail, and God, why are they still on this show? Does anyone like them? There's this random American dude in the jail cell next to Alejandro and he unfunnily says 'Dude. You look like ass.' The hell?

In Biology class, West tries to get the one up on Claire by talking about regeneration and whether or not a half human/half lizard person could grow back parts. Claire looks on in horror as West calls her a Lizard Girl with a Lizard body, and Claire runs out of the room.

Ando keeps reading the sacred scrolls sent by Hiro who has fallen in love with the Princess. However, sadly, history already says that the Princess loves Kensei. Oh well Hiro, you just can't win. As he walks with her, he has a very Chuck Norris quote about danger. "Kensei does not run away from danger, he runs towards it and punches it in the face!" The princess has no idea what Hiro is talking about. Kensei is off in the woods cutting himself over and over again, like something is going to change. Hiro tries to explain about heroes and powers. He blinks himself and reappears behind Kensei, who doesn't understand how that's all possible. Hiro says that some people think it's a gift from God, and some people think it's evolution. Kensei has no idea what the hell evolution is, and Hiro says it means he can 'heal from any wound'. Spot on, Hiro. Knowing that, Kensei just gets excited because having a power like that will make him 'richer than the Pope!'. The Pope gets paid? By who, Jesus? Hiro is pissed off because Kensei won't go fight his battles, so Hiro blinks him to one, forcing him to fight and leaving him there alone.

Claire is crying outside of the school and West finds her. She gets all up in his face asking him what he wants from her. He wants her to say she's different, and she launches into her very familiar speech about how she just wants to be herself and how she hates having to hide who she really is, not able to fit in because people would know she cuts off her fingers and toes. (Seriously, how would anyone find out about what she can do? What does popularity even have to do with it? It's not like she's running around with a pair of scissors screaming 'LOOK WHAT I CAN DO!'). West shuts her up by taking off like he's Clark Kent or something and zooming with her in the air high over the sky. Okay, this is the lamest thing this show has ever done. Fast forward.

Back in Ireland, the robbery is about to go down of the armored car. Peter distracts the people driving the truck so that the Dublin Gang can tie them up. Peter doesn't like the way this is going, so he blocks the guard when they set off their alarms by throwing the armored car in front of the building, blocking the guard's gunshots. Peter then runs away and drives off with Irish Woman who is in shock over Peter's amazing abilities.

So, over in Issac Mendez's old studio, that guy who can turn things into gold (let's call him Midas) is explaining to Mohinder that The Company just made the loft his new laboratory. And basically that he has to work there so that he can be watched every minute of every day.

In Japan, the princess is doubting Kensei, and Hiro runs to his defense saying that Kensei is the greatest man alive. The Princess picks up on how when she's with Kensei, sometimes he's gentle and sweet, and other times he's a brute. Ha. Kensei appears just then, having won his battle, and he got a scroll that he needed to complete his mission. Hiro looks on sadly as The Princess kisses all over Kensei.

Nikki and Micah are now in New Orleans, and Nikki is apparently depending on other people to watch her kid yet again so that she can run off and figure out how to help herself. Micha's mad, like he always is, because he has a horrible mother. I thought that was resolved? I thought she knew how to work with Jessica? God, can we not have anything new happen to her story line? Anyway, She drops Micah off at his great-aunt's house and leaves. Ominous music plays as his great aunt says 'Welcome' and you just know that she's probably one of the elders.

The Wonder Twins story line again. Anyone care about them yet? Maya is trying to bust Alejandro out of jail, she goes all sickly and kills the people, Alejandro and Maya escape with the lame American who just happens to have a Nissan Car of the Season stashed out back.

So in Ireland, Peter's mind reading skill was correct and one of the Dublin Gang is all about getting the money and shooting some people for it. Peter gets two bullets in his chest, but they pop out and he heals up, and then he goes ape shit and throws the guy against the wall, then chokes him Sylar style. You can tell the power is getting to him and he really wants to kill the dude. But then he makes mooney eyes at his Irish lass and lets the dude go. It's all pretty intense.

Back in Japan, Hiro decides to go home, but then he doesn't because he's still in love with the Princess. Yawn. The only thing that I wonder during these scenes is how Masi Oka is so awesome at his 'I never spoke English until a year ago' accent.

Sylar is trying really hard to use his powers, but they aren't working. Michelle makes him breakfast and he gets all indignant. Michelle is a snarky person and I have no idea why she would think that she's safe here alone with a freaking serial killer. She's a stupid, stupid woman. Of course, Sylar kills her, and we find out what she really looked like. She was a fatty middle aged woman. And it doesn't help Sylar, because he still can't use any powers. Including hers. How did he get her brain if he couldn't cut her open with his powers? Her head didn't look all ripped to shreds. And what exactly does he do? Eat the brains? I still don't know. Also, it looks like Sylar ended up on the set of LOST at the end of this scene.

Peter is getting the Irish Gang's tattoo because having bad ass powers gets you in. He's adopted like a brother and given his box full of secrets, but he can't open it because what if he was a really evil person before? He leans in for a kiss with Irish Woman, and the tattoo changes into the 'S', double helix, sign of Kensei, (WHATEVER IT IS) symbol before fading away.

Another cheesy moment with Claire and West and they make out on a beach after they argue about whose power is cooler. Whatever. We learn that West has the hash marks on his neck, and 'some guy in horned rimmed glasses' ambushed him a couple years ago. LOL CLAIRE.

Mohinder is getting tired of being babysat by Midas, the fat man with the golden touch, so he calls HRG and sends him a picture of one of the paintings still in the loft. Uh oh, it's of HRG himself, dead, with Claire looking on or making out with someone. I can't tell. And who but Claire pops out of the shadows at the Bennet home, watching her dad in that creepy, Bennet style.

We find out that Nikki has been talking with Midas. She wants to be cured. Even though last season it seemed like she was pretty in control of herself by the season finale. I don't get it. Of course The Company is all about making a deal with her because they'll want something in return. Same. Storyline. As last. Season.

Your thoughts?

Prison Break - Obvious Spoilers

Well. What Sara's death tells me is that the writers knew long ago that she wasn't coming back. By the time the season starts, the filming is already done for at least the first five or six episodes. So either they were going to kill her anyway and she beat the writers at their own game, or she's not really dead.

Things just keep getting more and more complicated for Bellick, don't they? I mean, I get that he's scum but it's getting to the point where I don't even want to see him on screen anymore. This week, the electricity went out thanks to Michael and his plan to fix it, cunningly to win Lecharo's trust. Bellick knew it was a play, so he tried to rat out Michael to Lecharo by saying that Michael had buried something outside in the fuse box. Turns out he was wrong, and Lecharo rewarded him by pouring scalding coffee down his back. Excellent.

Mahone went off the deep end, and is now, apparently, a heroin user. Plagued by visions of Haywire, he's convinced (and not at all wrong) that Michael is playing him for a fool; trying to make him think that there's a spot open for him when they finally break out. He comes at Michael in his cell with a homemade shank, threatening to kill if he so much as hallucinates that he's getting left behind.

Linc knows that Sara is dead, but for some reason, he can't bring himself to tell Michael. I don't know if he's afraid that Michael would give up and then LJ would be killed or what, but man. What a secret to try and keep. Until the end when he blurted it out in front of Sucre and Whistler's girlfriend. Which apparently made Sucre's heart soft, because he's volunteered to be the grave digger at Sona. It's all a part of the plot to get Michael and Whistler out of jail: The chemical sprayed on dead bodies to keep the stench from being over-whelming, also eats through steel when it's heated up. (ie: the electric prison fence.)

Other random notes include Susan B. Anthony trying to tell Linc that she 'knows how he feels'. Really? How many times have you opened up a box only to find the severed head of your brother's girlfriend inside? I'm sure you know exactly what that's like, Sue.

That really was all that happened. This show could be thirty minutes, seriously. Also, why are all the men so freaking sweaty in Panama, and the women never ever break a sweat? I mean, I know that the prisoners are probably sweaty, but Linc and Sucre? They're always dripping wet with sweat as if they've been running for miles, and then there's Whistler's girlfriend and Susan B. Anthony, looking fresh and clean. I don't get it.