Friday, September 14, 2007

Heroes season one, and speculation on Season Two

There was so much that I had forgotten about from the first few episodes Heroes. From one of the very early episodes, I forgot about Mohinder and Eden going to Sylar's apartment and finding all that freaky shit where Sylar was asking for forgiveness. I forgot that Sylar got his name from a watch brand. And I also realized that because my schedule back then had me working until 8 p.m., I had missed the first 20 minutes of a LOT of episodes. Luckily, that won't happen this year.

I can't get over the writing of this show and how it didn't feel like a freshman premiere. Granted, there were some things that I still have no idea what the heck they mean, like Peter 'dreaming' Charles on that rooftop? Was it a dream? Will we see more of Charles and whatever it is he can do in the second season? What about Mama Petrelli? Remember the scene where she and Claire were talking, and Claire said 'You're like me?' and Ma Petrelli stood up? I remember thinking the same exact thing I must have back in April. Oh my God, she's gonna do something. And then she didn't and I was kind of let down. But oh well - as long as what she can do is completely bad ass, I don't care.

Now, as I was watching the episode where Micah goes to the polls and manipulates all the computers into having Nathan win by a landslide, I thought 'If Linderman is all powerful, and he knows about all of these people and what they can do, why doesn't he just get Wireless to do it?' Or whatever her name was. You know, the chick who can do things with computers. I mean, it seems like, if the system was networked like Micah said, it would be much easier to force an adult to do it all, rather than get a kid involved whose mom and dad are just a little (okay, Nikki/Jessica) crazy. Or is Wireless dead at this point? I know in the flashback episode she was toast, but what about the present time? She just kind of dropped away after her, Matt, and Ted were gonna go bust in on the Bennett family.

Which leads me to my next wonderings.

A couple of the things I've read about season two say that Claire is with her family (I can't remember exactly where at this point.) So, Petrelli family? If that's the case did Ma Petrelli just decide to take her? I can't see that going over well with Mr. Bennett (Noah!) so did he take her with him? And if so, are Lyle and Claire's mom going to remember everything? It doesn't seem like Mrs. Bennett has much brain power left to keep getting wiped out the way she was by the Haitian. And if the scene in the hotel where she told Noah that she still knew everything is any indication, she should still know. Right? What about Lyle though? That's the kid who wanted to put Claire on YouTube, and he's a teenager who might not be able to keep such a secret. (Claire obviously didn't, since Zach knew.) So, I wonder if Lyle got his memory taken away.

I have no cool segue into talking about Nathan/Peter so I'll just do it.

Obviously the two of them aren't dead. Milo and Adrian are both showing up in press and talking about the show, so I'm not concerned there. But how in the world does Nathan survive? Unless having Adrian out in the press talking about the show is just a rouse. (Meanwhile, where is Leonard Roberts - DL? Is DL toast?) We know that Peter can survive the explosion, but even that makes me curious. Because if you explode, body parts tend to fly everywhere. So for arguments sake, let's say he doesn't explode into hundreds of tiny pieces. Let's say his torso lands and it's missing its head, one leg, and both arms. Would all those parts grow back? Or would his head grow a new body since the brain is like, the epicenter of it all? If you think about it too hard, you probably will explode, so best not to, I suppose.

Now. Where is Sylar? I had this weird dream that I was married to him, but he wouldn't kill me because I was the only one that truly loved him for him. But I digress. Obviously he lived, and I'm thinking he's going to want revenge big time. Why wouldn't he just start right where he left off once he's all healed up, and go after more 'special people'? Unless in some awesome twist he joins the good side because of whatever Molly Walker was talking about. The thing that can see her when she thinks about it. Him. Whatever. Something that is bigger than Sylar and could take him out. If the writers know a thing or two about continuity, they haven't figured out something different to do, only to leave us stranded and wondering what the hell Molly was talking about.

On a final note, I have to admit that I'd forgotten my love for Matt actually did appear near the end of the season. (When I first started watching thd DVDs, I complained to everyone that I didn't like him.) Around the five years in the future episode, that's when I started to love him. Actually, maybe the episode right after that one. But the love for Matt did come around, I just wasn't patient enough. I want to see his wee bebe this season, if he isn't toast. (I don't think he is. Molly begged him not to die!)

Moving on to Hiro, I cannot WAIT to see where that is going to take us. Anyone else think that he's going to be the baddest motherfucker ever after he trains in 1600's Japan? (By the way, would his power not work that far back, or would the issue be that he might go back even further and get eaten by a REAL dinosaur?)

Okay. I'm officially ready for the premiere. And I've got a little over a week to go, but oh man. I want to see Claire push the limits of her ability. I want to see how Nikki is adjusting if Jessica is really gone. I want DL to live. I want Matt to live. I want DL and Nikki to adopt Molly so that Micah has a sister. I want Nathan to be alive. I want Ma Petrelli to show us what she can do.

September 25 is too far away.

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