Friday, September 11, 2009

Chatting with Masi and Hayden

Today I had the chance to sit down and talk to Masi Oka and Hayden Panettiere from the NBC show Heroes for There will be an article at the website, but for now I'll pass on the highlights exclusively to you all first. There wasn't much revealed, but there were some interesting tidbits.

There will be spoilers, so reader beware!

- Masi let it slip that there would be a Sylar/Claire kiss. ...Then he said he was just kidding. But he DID confirm that in the first episode, Ando and Hiro's sister will be married.

- Masi also explained why exactly Hiro's abilities were suddenly killing him. Apparently (the way it was told to him) Hiro's ability to stop time was only made for one. So when he freezes time but lets someone stay unfrozen with him, it strains Hiro's brain which as we saw, is dibilitating.

- Again with Masi, he said that the fourth season is shaping up to be his favorite so far, right behind season one. (Here's hoping the show is really getting back on track.) He said that there will be all kinds of manipulation going on, which I'm guessing will have a lot to do with Sylar being Nathan.

- Hayden did confirm that her new rommate in college (named Gretchen) will cause those 'are we more than friends' feelings. According to Hayden, this will be a deep relationship similiar to the friendship between Claire and Zach back in season one. Gretchen will be someone Claire can trust, "which is something she needs right now."

- Masi said for sure that Charlie (the road stop romance from back in season one) will be coming back for one episode, that just recently finished shooting.

At one point in the interview, there was a question asked about working with Robert Knepper (last seen on Prison Break) and he was referred to as T-Bag. Hayden was thrown off for just a second, asking "Did you just ask if I've ever been t-bagged?" Hilarity ensued for all, as the interview stopped for a good five minutes or so while everyone laughed. Then Hayden let us know that she worries every now and then that some crazed fan might actually think she has the ability to heal and do something stupid. It's a valid fear, in my opinion.

The interview ended with thanks all around and one more question about how they feel about the direction their characters have been taken. Masi summed it up well:

"Your character is not your property, it's Tim Krings. It's the fans."

Look for the premiere September 21st from 8-10!


Starr said...

They definitely sound like loads of fun. I'm hoping Masi's comments DO mean a return to the S1 feel of things, because I've been a little underwhelmed lately with what should be an amazing show.

Anonymous said...

Jayma Mays is coming back??? I might just start watching Heroes again for this. <3

brittany said...

claire/sylar? NO THANK YOU. (yeah, i saw the "just kidding" but that thought still makes me gag.)

charlie? YAY. loved her.