Sunday, September 20, 2009

Emmy Awards 2009

Check back here frequently for my live blog of the Emmy awards, starting at 8/7 central!

6:56 - four minutes until the show! Wrap it up, 60 Minutes.

7:00 - Oh a nice montage of CBS moments and the stars on the red carpet. Aretha's hat revisted from the inauguration!

7:01 - Neil starting the show with singing is the only way I could accept this moment.

7:03 - Oh Jon Hamm and Christina Hendricks! Gay joke here.

7:04 - I should mention that NPH is wearing a white suit and looks AMAZING.

7:05 - "I love that we're already running 27 minutes late. We just started, how did this happen?"

7:05 - Great LOL moments discussing the fact that theme songs have disappeared from t.v. shows.

7:06 - "Here's hoping Kanye West loves 30 Rock."

7:07 - Ohhh, the stage will change as the categories change. And the show is divided up by comedy, drama, etc.

7:09 - An awesome comedy montage of the funniest moments from the television year. I'm really digging this set up.

7:10 - Tina Fey and Jon Hamm presenting together. Aww, they look cute. More Hamm on 30 Rock please.

7:12 - all of the actresses for best supporting are wearing glasses of some sort except for Vanessa Williams who is all "NO."

7:12 - Emmy goes to Chenoweth!! And she's adorable! And crying! Shout out to Oklahoma!

7:14 - Cheno is crying through the whole thing. "I'm unemployed now, so I like Mad Men, and The Office, and 24."

7:15 - Commercial break, and I'm running to grab another grilled cheese sandwich. Back in a jiffy!

7:20 - PC from the Mac vs PC commercials is our narrator for the evening.

7:21 - The cast of How I Met Your Mother is presenting the award for outstanding writing in a comedy series.

7:22 - 30 Rock wins its first emmy of the night!

7:24 - Julia Lous Dreyfus and Amy Poehler are presenting for outstanding supporting actor in a comedy series.

7:26 - Jon Cryer wins, and Jack McBrayer continues to be adorable as everyone else looks kinda pissed off.

7:29 - Commercial and commentary: I would have given anything to see Jack McBrayer take that stage and make a speech. Ah well.

7:33 - Justin Timberlake! Why hello there beautiful. He's presenting for outstanding lead actress in a comedy series.

7:35 - Sara Silverman is wearing a moustache and makes JT lose it. "That's what hormones will do."

7:35 - Toni Collette wins! Surprising everyone.

7:38 - NPH does a bit with Jon Cryer about how he won. It's pretty funny - NPH was robbed.

7:39 - Some Gossip Girls chicks present best actor and actress guest stars. The emmys go to Tina Fey and JT for SNL!

7:40 - And JT gives us our second Kanye joke of the night.

7:42 Emmy for best comedy writing goes to a writer from The Office!

7:48 - Rob Lowe is the presenter for best actor in a comedy series.

7:51 - Alec Baldwin wins for 30 Rock!

7:52 - Lorne Michaels is getting a ton of shout outs tonight. I still think he's rude.

7:53 - There's a montage of Stewie beating the crap out of Brian (Family Guy) shouting "WHERE'S MY EMMY MAN?!"

7:54 - Next up: reality shows.

7:56 - Some dancers from Dancing With the Stars are doing a little number now. One of the girl's outfit reminds me of Pocahontas.

7:58 - Jon Cryer and Hayden Panettiere...oh I can't spell her name are giving the award for outstanding host. Hayden looks...I'm gonna let that go.

7:59 - Emmy goes to Jeff Probst.

8:05 - Tracy Morgan is getting behind a microphone to present best reality competition program. God help us all.

8:07 - The Amazing Race wins, and Tracy managed not to do anything outrages. I don't know if I'm relieved or disappointed. But just in case you were wondering, The Amazing Race will never lose.

8:09 - Movies and mini-series up next. Don't look for updates super fast on this one.

8:12 - Kevin Bacon and his gorgeous wife! They're presenting for supporting actress. The winner is oh geez, the only name I can't spell. Shorhre Aghdashloo? Every time she inhales there's this deep wheezing sound though. It's so distracting because I'm laughing so hard.

8:14 - The win for best actor goes to Ken Howard. And there's the third Kanye joke of the night (paired with a Joe Wilson dig.)

8:22 - Kate Walsh and Chandra Wilson are presenting for best lead actor (how is this different than the last one? What did I obviously miss? Oh well.) The winner is Brendan Gleeson.

8:27 - My t.v. blinked out for a moment so I missed something, but hey there's Patricia Arquette and Jennifer Love Hewitt giving an award to Dearbhla Walsh. She needs a bra, sorry to say.

8:30 - A Doctor Horrible sketch!! OH MY GOODNESS A DOCTOR HORRIBLE SKETCH!!

8:33 - Alec Baldwin takes the stage again for best lead actress in a mini-series or movie. The award goes to Jessica Lange.

8:42 - Kiefer Sutherland and Anna Torv present for best made for television movie. Grey Gardens wins.

8:44 - Anna and Kiefer are still there to give an award to Little Dorritt.

8:46 - Woo, next genre is Variety!

8:49 - The Big Bang Theory cast takes the stage to present outstanding directing in a variety show. The Emmy goes to Bruce Gowers for American Idol.

8:52 - The award for best writing team goes to The Daily Show!

9:02 - Jimmy Fallon is on stage with one of those mics that distorts your voice, falls and 'hurts himself' and we shoot to Steve Carell losing it in the audience. But the award for Original Music and lyrics goes to the team that wrote the Academy Awards opening bit.

9:06 - Ricky Gervais comes out to no mic at all but recovers quickly. He riffs on Steve Carell for a moment and he's funny before presenting the award for best variety, comedy, or music series. And the Emmy goes to The Daily Show!

9:16 - Ohhhh time for Drama! I like how the show is running this year. It's totally made me forget about how crappy the hosting was last year.

9:19 - LL Cool J and Chris O'Donnell are up to present best supporting actor and the emmy goes TO MICHAEL EMERSON. YOU CREEPY S.O.B. I LOVE YOU.

9:21 - The award for best supporting actress goes to Cherry Jones!!

9:23 - And now we have the in memorium, sung live by Sarah Mclaughlin. I mean, not that she is singing their names, but she's singing. I always, without a doubt say 'Oh, so and so died? I had no idea'. Or,'I thought they died a long time ago'. Also, there should be no applause because it's like playing favorites or something.

9:33 - Stephan Moyer and David Boreanaz let us know that the winner for best guest actress and actor in a drama are Ellen Burysten and Michael J. Fox.

9:35 PM - Ellen and Michael present for best director, and he award goes to E.R. Sorry, another snub, BSG.

9:36 - Annnnd the award for best writing goes to Matt Weiner for Mad Men!

9:38 - Simon Baker presents the award for outstanding lead actress to Glenn Close!

9:48 - Dana Delany (adorable) presents the award for outstanding lead actor in a drama. And the award goes to Brian Cranston. Jon Hamm was robbed. SORRY BRIAN.

9:51 - Bob Newhart! He's presenting for best comedy show but is telling stories. Um, long stories. And the show is running long, and the Mad Men rerun is on in 8 minutes so come on Newhart. I love you but you're killin' me.

9:54 - And the award goes to 30 Rock! As if there were a doubt.

9:56 We're told that the breakthrough performance of the year is something from True Blood. But I wouldn't know anything about that.

10:00 - Sigourney Weaver comes out in a gorgeous red dress to present the final award of the night. Best Drama. My fingers are crossed for you LOST! (And Mad Men!)


I've had a ton of fun with you guys tonight, thanks for coming by AND for all your shout outs on Twitter! Until next time.


Jessica said...

Neil Patrick Harris is already winning.

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6 minutes in and we have our first Kayne joke.

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Excellent choices for the comedy montage.

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Good, promising start to the Emmys. Congrats to Kristin!

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So far, not happy about the winners of acting in comedy, but The Office wins one award so we're okay.

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Will The Amazing Race ever lose?

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