Tuesday, April 21, 2009

LOST questions

(Okay, so it's an older image. It just happened to feature eye candy front and center, plus Miles and Daniel.)

Over at EW.com, Doc Jensen has his review up of 'Some Like it Hoth'. There is a good reason why I don't do and will probably never touch trying to recap this show: He does it beautifully. Somehow he manages to ask all the right questions and give me a spring board for coming up with my own theories. I've linked you above to one of his theories in particular, but for the lazy clickers out there, I'll give you the quote:

Hurley tried to bond with Miles over their respective abilities to speak with
the dead, but snooty Straume believed his power was more impressively nuanced.
''You're just jealous my power is cooler than yours,'' Hurley replied.
Alright, so here's what I think. I think that the dead people Hurley sees (by my count that would be Charlie, Mr. Eko, Ana Lucia and Dave) are Smokey himself. For some reason the monster is shifting himself into those people, but for what? Why was he/it trying to help Hurley? Or was it? The reason I bring up Dave is because of the speculation I had way back in the day that Dave was Libby's dead husband. (You know, the one who had the boat which she gave to Desmond.)

If you can explain to me where I was going that, I'd be very grateful. All I know for sure is that the time Hurley was seeing Dave, Libby was in the nuthouse too, and then Libby and Dave were both on the island.

What are some of your more 'far out' ideas? Anyone have any speculation they want to share? Leave me comments, and I'll address your theories in my next post!

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