Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Well, balls in your court, NBC

It seems to me that NBC doesn't actually care about ever being a reputable network again. First, they get rid of an hour of weeknight programming by putting Jay Leno on at 10/9 central. Does anyone actually want to see this guy at nine p.m.? Does anyone want to keep seeing him at all? You didn't see Johnny Carson crying for more air time when his time came to pass the torch. This is not how you slip into retirement, Leno. And how is the show even going to be any different? He's screwing Conan by getting all the good guests on his show so that Conan gets the leftovers. It's lame and I'm honestly hoping that it crash and burns. (Actually, if its ratings suck but the show stays on the air, it will prove once and for all that all the network cares about is money.)

Then, NBC decides to cancel Kings which is a damn shame because it's a brilliant show. I get that enough people aren't watching it but come on! You're airing it on Friday and now you're moving it to fucking SATURDAY.

I'm sorry, I don't normally curse like this in my blog but I can't even understand that network anymore. I'm pretty sure trained monkeys are making the decisions up there - it certainly isn't Jack Donaghy, is it?

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