Monday, April 6, 2009

Am I the only one?

Am I the only one, or did other people appreciate the U.S. remake of Life on Mars?

Maybe I'm biased here. Maybe it's because I never saw the British version of the show so I'm not jaded, but I loved this show. Well, maybe loved is too strong. But I greately enjoyed it, especially after LOST when my brain was already leaking from all the time travel theories flying around. I felt emotionally connected to the characters too, especially during the second to last episode 'Everyone Knows It's Wendy'. Why don't more people watch shows like this? Why do people keep watching Two and a Half Men? Why didn't more people watch Battlestar Galactica? LIFE'S MYSTERYS GUYS.

Am I the only one, or does American Idol truly suck now?

Back when the show first started and Kelly Clarkson was the winner, I don't think I'd even heard of this show. I didn't care and I didn't start caring until the third season. So, then I tuned in once we got past the auditions and down to the top six or so. Many people told me that I was missing something precious called audition week, so last year was the first year I actually watched the entire season. And you know, I wasn't disappointed. I liked David Cook well enough and there was actual talent. This year...this year I stopped. I haven't watched since Adam Lambert killed Ring of Fire. I have this gut feeling that if Johnny Cash weren't dead, he would have contemplated suicide. And Danny Gokey? Are you kidding me with this? And the blind guy? America, are you trying to tell me that all I need is some terrible sob story and I can get anything I want? There is no one this show this season that actually deserves to be called an American Idol. Watching for Paula's whacked out behavior used to be enough but not anymore. Now I actually understand why she's whacked out all the time.

Am I the only one, or are you tired of the Sarah/Chuck UST/angst on Chuck?

I understand. I get it it. The whole show is based on this pairing but it is beyond the point of beating a dead horse. The dead horse has been flogged over and over again and is ready to be put into the dehydrater to be made into horse jerky. I would much rather see the characters be quirky and fun than watch Mr. Bartwoski pine for the woman he apparently can't have or Captain Awesome and Ellie work out their insecurities. I stopped watching the show about three weeks before the super bowl and last week thought I would tune in (only because Tricia Helfer was guest starring). Within ten to fifteen minutes I was reminded why I stopped watching. Between Ellie crying over Awesome because he does what most guys do at their bachelor party, and Sarah throwing eye daggers and Tricia Helfer's character (who was sent in because it's starting to become obvious ONLY NOW to everyone that Sarah has feelings for Chuck) I was done by the halfway mark. Sorry, Chuck. I know that at times it can be cute but I'm over the romance part of it.

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The_Brain said...

I kinda like the never ending Chuck/Sarah angst, it bothers me less than the extreme shallowness of the couple Ellie & Awesome. And also, it doesn't seem to bother the "Buy More" staff that besides the first and last 2min of the show, Chuck is almost never at work.
Adam Baldwin might be the sole reason why I'm still watching the show.

As for American Idol, I've only watched the season with Fantasia so I can't really judge how the show has become.