Sunday, October 14, 2007

Prison Break - Obvious Spoilers

Well. What Sara's death tells me is that the writers knew long ago that she wasn't coming back. By the time the season starts, the filming is already done for at least the first five or six episodes. So either they were going to kill her anyway and she beat the writers at their own game, or she's not really dead.

Things just keep getting more and more complicated for Bellick, don't they? I mean, I get that he's scum but it's getting to the point where I don't even want to see him on screen anymore. This week, the electricity went out thanks to Michael and his plan to fix it, cunningly to win Lecharo's trust. Bellick knew it was a play, so he tried to rat out Michael to Lecharo by saying that Michael had buried something outside in the fuse box. Turns out he was wrong, and Lecharo rewarded him by pouring scalding coffee down his back. Excellent.

Mahone went off the deep end, and is now, apparently, a heroin user. Plagued by visions of Haywire, he's convinced (and not at all wrong) that Michael is playing him for a fool; trying to make him think that there's a spot open for him when they finally break out. He comes at Michael in his cell with a homemade shank, threatening to kill if he so much as hallucinates that he's getting left behind.

Linc knows that Sara is dead, but for some reason, he can't bring himself to tell Michael. I don't know if he's afraid that Michael would give up and then LJ would be killed or what, but man. What a secret to try and keep. Until the end when he blurted it out in front of Sucre and Whistler's girlfriend. Which apparently made Sucre's heart soft, because he's volunteered to be the grave digger at Sona. It's all a part of the plot to get Michael and Whistler out of jail: The chemical sprayed on dead bodies to keep the stench from being over-whelming, also eats through steel when it's heated up. (ie: the electric prison fence.)

Other random notes include Susan B. Anthony trying to tell Linc that she 'knows how he feels'. Really? How many times have you opened up a box only to find the severed head of your brother's girlfriend inside? I'm sure you know exactly what that's like, Sue.

That really was all that happened. This show could be thirty minutes, seriously. Also, why are all the men so freaking sweaty in Panama, and the women never ever break a sweat? I mean, I know that the prisoners are probably sweaty, but Linc and Sucre? They're always dripping wet with sweat as if they've been running for miles, and then there's Whistler's girlfriend and Susan B. Anthony, looking fresh and clean. I don't get it.

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