Thursday, May 21, 2009

Scrubs news + CW announces fall schedule

Just a random bit of Scrubs news. The creator, Bill Lawrence, says that since Donald Faision's pilot got passed up by all the networks, they'll probably go with the idea that Turk is teaching at med school. He also says this: "The way to bridge that gap is I've got to consider Scrubs over. The way that I'm viewing it is the way Frasier was to Cheers: It'll be essentially a new show with some characters that people liked."

Your thoughts? Yay or nay? The way he spins it makes me feel mildly interested. It might help feel less like Scrubs if they changed the name. To what though? Lab Coats?

Oh well. Here's the CW schedule if anyone cares:

8 Gossip Girl
9 One Tree Hill

8 90210
9 Melrose Place

8 America's Next Top Model
9 Beautiful Life

8 Vampire Diaries
9 Supernatural

8 Smallville
9 Top Model encore

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The_Brain said...

Smallville on Friday? definitely not a good sign.