Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wow, has it been that long?

When exactly did I get behind on this blog? Well, I believe it was during the writer's strike when I explained how I feel. I came back for a hot second and then poof, I was gone again. Not that there's anyone who actually reads this that might be upset by the occasional (really long) hiatus. But still, this was supposed to be my place at the very least to talk about T.V. and have dreams of being famous. (Oh, hush - like you never dreamt it.) I suppose I should fill in exactly what I've been doing.

Originally, this was the place to come for television reviews. But my loyalties have shifted just a bit. I started writing for TheTwoCents.com, where I currently recap Heroes. When Fringe comes back from it's 3 week break, I'll recap that show as well. When the Battlestar Galactica prequel Caprica begins, that will also land on my plate. Oh, and don't let me forget to mention that I'll also be recapping the final (sniff) installment of Galactica. That doesn't mean that my T.V. viewing is limited to just those shows. Oh no, I've found an over-whelming amount of television to watch all in the hopes that one day, all of those t.v. moments will help me win a special Jeopardy episode. (No mocking; last week they featured a Mad Men category and I totally knew every answer.)

Shows that I'm absolutely in love with include the aforementioned Mad Men, a reinvented Desperate Housewives, The Office, 30 Rock and Fringe. All of these are cannot miss shows for me. And then there are shows that I watch, but not dedicatedly (I'm making up words) like Grey's Anatomy, Brothers & Sisters, Pushing Daisies and House. I know, I know - you can go ahead and string me up now for not being an advocate of Pushing Daisies, but I just can't get into it like I was pre-strike. I want to, but I was busy watching Project Runway and now too much time has passed for me to genuinely care. I think it's a great show, I really do - and I'll be watching that great show on DVD when I can watch the episodes in order from beginning to eventual end.

Speaking of DVDs, I had a compulsion to organize all of mine, perhaps in the spirit of the fall T.V. season. I realize that I have enough to be considered a little too addicted to television, but not enough to say I collect. So I figure that I have two choices: Either start buying more television shows on DVD so that it actually looks like I have a great collection, or start giving them away. The latter will never happen. That means I must start buying DVDs. My collection is random as it is: One season of House, two seasons of The Office, the 'best of' DVDs of Friends. I bought seasons 1-5 of CSI, and won't buy anymore because the show reached it's pinnacle after the incident with Nick. I have all 9 season of The X-Files and a random season of Reno: 911!. I'd like to have a little more order. I would love to have the entire box set of Will & Grace, and I'd like to buy the current seasons of 30 Rock.

I guess I need to start begging for DVDs for my birthday and Christmas, because this is a very expensive hobby. But nothing is better on a lazy Sunday than to stay in pajamas all day and watch old episodes of The X-Files, back when it was at its height. I must also confess that I simply gave away my copy of Grey's Anatomy season 2. I was so disgusted with the show after the ferry boat stuff and the Meredith and George thing and all of the mess after that, that I just let someone have it. I mostly regret that decision now, and I will buy it back. But I'll probably never buy the seasons I missed and pick it back up with the current season. (Speaking of Grey's, Mary McDonnell is showing up on the show for sweeps. Thank the Gods, I missed seeing her on my T.V. screen every week.)

What else is there? I think this is long enough for now. If anyone reads this old thing, I'll be making more updates. Even if no one does, I'd like to have a record of my downward spiral into television addiction. Maybe one day when (not if) I'm writing screenplays, I'll be able to look back at this and laugh. Or cry. We'll see.

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