Friday, December 5, 2008

Who is the final Cylon - Part 2

There was an over-whelming response to my last post, so I figured I should actually do a part 2 even though I'm pretty sold on the fact that the final cylon is in my previous post. Let me reiterate that there are absolutely NO SPOILERS HERE. Speculation is a given but if you think you know something concrete, don't ruin it for everyone, okay? Now, let's get down to business.

Candidate number five:

William Adama

I'm not sure how I would feel about this man being the final cylon. Actually, I imagine that I'd feel a little dirty somehow; like every thing I felt for this ultimate hero had been for absolutely nothing. This is the man who fights the war day after day after day. He's been beat up, shot up, risked his life countless times and has never said "You know what, frak this I WAS RETIRING." It would be crushing to see him revealed as a cylon, so let's hope that all this speculation is wrong.

Candidate number six:

Lee Adama

I've never liked this guy, but that doesn't mean I think he's a cylon. It would seem impossible for him to be a skin-job based off of simple mechanics: He has a father and a mother whom we've seen. And unless the whole Adama clan is robotic, I'm not sure how Carolanne could push a pre-made cylon out of her who-ha. Unless she was a victim of cylon experimentation; but we've seen how well that goes. (Read: Not well.)

Candidate number seven:

Kara Thrace

Let's break this down.

Reasons for: She did that whole dying and then coming back thing, she's so awesome that she couldn't be anything BUT a cylon, she frakked Gaius and he's clearly just a toaster lover (see all the women he's slept with except that ultra religious cult chick. Times were tough; give him a break.), she was pursued very heavily by Leoben, and she adamantly insists that she knows exactly where Earth is.

Reasons against: Obvious choice is obvious.

Candidate number eight:



So, that's the rest of my list. There are obvious choices that I'm leaving out like Cally, Helena Cain and Rachael Ray, but that's because I want to hear your thoughts on this and I didn't want to take all of the good ones. Tell me what you think!

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Anonymous said...

I still think it may be Ellen Tigh, if ONLY for Baltar's "I'll never tell" sing-song after seeing the results of her Cylon test.

Although certain spoilers from Aaron Douglas have me leaning - as well - to a certain person mentioned in THIS post. We shall see. *strokes chin*

AH! WAIT! I HAVE IT! The final Cylon shall be...the abomination conceived of two Cylons - the Six and Tigh - which, let's face it, in all kinds of reality shouldn't have happened ANYWAY from a Cylon physiological standpoint.

If they could have had kids, Six wouldn't have been humping Baltar for so long, pleading for him to love her, and Helo and Sharon wouldn't have been put through that sick experiment on Caprica. *SIGH*

Do I over-think or what? *giggles*